Frequently Asked Questions for the BookThinkers Mobile App

Q: How does the app help me retain more information?

A: We use an evidence-based learning technique called spaced repetition. The basis for this technique is that the information is presented at increasing intervals. Each time you review the information, you are strengthening your relationship to that information in your brain and therefore, you can retain it for a bit longer each time. In other terms, each time you "flex" that neural pathway, you can now remember your book notes for longer. Check out this visual representation:







Our curve follows the following algorithm (frequency):

Q: Why can't I find a book when I search?

A: Since the app is new, we are still building out our database of books. You can always manually add a book to your shelf. The downside is that the cover will be not be visible but thankfully, everything else works! 

Q: Who can I contact for help using my mobile application?

A: You can reach out directly to appsupport@bookthinkers.com.

Q: How much am I charged for the application?

A: We offer two plans: 1: $4.99 USD /month or 2: $44.99 USD /year.

For all other questions, please email us at appsupport@bookthinkers.com.

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