BookThinkers Nick and Ryan

Mission Statement


The BookThinkers Mission: Empowering every reader to achieve more and live better.

We believe in an alternative form of education where everyone is empowered to self-educate themselves. Everything that BookThinkers does and everything that BookThinkers stands for is built on that very powerful foundation. Our social media, our mobile application, our podcasts and our e-commerce store are representations of this mission.

Core Values


As we grow as a company, it has become more and more important to explicitly define the BookThinkers Core Values from which we develop our culture, our brand, and our business strategies. With the desire to grow our business, we want to make sure that everyone is on the same page and acting consistently with what we want BookThinkers to be all about. We want every employee, customer and partner to feel the same way we feel about this business and our opportunity to help people!

Here are the 7 most important themes in our business:

  1. Genuine Education and Behavior Change

  2. Daily Progress and Positive Momentum

  3. Transparency, Honesty and Integrity

  4. Worldwide Reach and Acceptance

  5. Personal and Professional Fulfillment

  6. Consistent Bias for Action

  7. Have FUN and Enjoy Yourself :)

Ideally, we want all 7 of these core values to be reflected in everything we do, including how we interact with each other, how we interact with our customers, and how we interact with our business partners. As we grow, our processes and strategies may change, but our values will stay the same.

Our Story

2016 - Now

BookThinkers was started in a college dorm lobby in early 2016. The original founders, Nicholas Hutchison (Nick) and Alexander Clement (Alec), used to meet up weekly to discuss random business ideas. At that time, Nick had just discovered the power of reading personal development books. In fact, Nick thinks the reason they started meeting weekly was because of a concept he learned about in Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill called a 'mastermind group'.

Nick faced a few challenges as he continued to develop his passion for reading. Some of those challenges had to do with where to take and store his notes, how to retain the information he was reading, how to effectively implement it into his life and how to share that information with other people. After a few failed business ideas such as "iEmploy", an uber for housework, Nick and Alec landed on BookThinkers.

The story for the name BookThinkers is pretty funny. One late night at work, Nick was searching through the endless domain options on GoDaddy when his coworker Kyle yelled, "I found one and I'm buying it right now!" As Nick ran over, he saw the website up on the screen and available for only $1 per month. Even though his coworker was only joking about buying it, Nick ran back over to his computer and purchased the domain. Thus, the name BookThinkers was officially adopted!

When Nick and Alec started mapping out their vision in 2017, Nick's friend Derek Clark reached out and was interested in helping to bring our ideas to life. Derek became the third founder of the business and helped manage the creation of our first product, a website that could store your book notes. After releasing that product in 2018 and failing to monetize it, the group decided to take a step back and rethink the business.

Although the business itself was failing, Nick started to gain some traction on social media by posting book reviews. As 2018 was ending, 2019 presented a clean slate and an opportunity to double down on Instagram. That is exactly what Nick did. The Instagram page went from 10,000 followers at the start of 2019 to roughly 50,000 by the close of the year. About half-way through the year, a business mentor entered the scene...

Ryan, a friend of Nick, started to consult the business. Ryan brought a breathe of fresh air and a new perspective. There was new energy in the business! They decided there was still an opportunity to create a tool that could be used by readers to retain and implement more information from books and that is exactly what they built. Along the way, they collected a team of people who believed in the mission and wanted to help readers achieve more and live better.

Nowadays, Nick, Ryan, and the team are working to deliver the best products/services they can. As of mid 2020, BookThinkers has a mobile application, an e-commerce store, large social media communities and a couple podcasts that personify this mission. If you have made it this far, thank you say much for reading along. Feel free to pass along your thoughts to Nick and Ryan on Instagram!