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Heather Monahan

Episode 24

Author of Choose Yourself!

Heather Monahan

Episode 23

Author of Confidence Creator

Brant Menswar

Episode 22

Author of Black Sheep

Robert Greene

Episode 21

Author of The 48 Laws of Power

Rizwan Virk

Episode 20

Author of Startup Myths and Models

don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

Episode 19

Author of The Mastery of Self

Hal Elrod

Episode 18

Author of The Miracle Morning

Michael E. Gerber

Episode 17

Author of The E-Myth Revisited

Bill Perkins

Episode 16

Author of Die with Zero

Kamal Ravikant

Episode 15

Author of Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It

Vishen Lakhiani

Episode 14

Author of The Buddha and The Badass

Brant Pinvidic

Episode 13

Author of The 3-Minute Rule

Elena Cardone

Episode 12

Author of Build an Empire

Vanessa Van Edwards

Episode 11

Author of Captivate

Greg McKeown

Episode 10

Author of Essentialism

Grant Cardone

Episode 9

Author of The 10X Rule

Nir Eyal

Episode 8

Author of Indistractable

Brandon Webb

Episode 7

Author of Total Focus

Alex Banayan

Episode 6

Author of The Third Door

Howard Berg

Episode 5

The World's Fastest Reader

Bob Burg

Episode 4

Author of The Go-Giver

Jim Kwik

Episode 3

Author of Limitless

Russell Brunson

Episode 2

Author of Dotcom Secrets

Evan Carmichael

Episode 1

Author of Built to Serve

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Discover New Books, New Mentors and New Resources to Achieve More and Live Better

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