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For each piece of content we create, we will provide you a copy of the photo or video file so that you can re-share it with your audience.

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Picture Post ($499 USD)

  • Picture Post on Instagram and Facebook

Video Review ($499 USD)

  • Video Review on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube

Social Media Management (Email for Pricing)

BookThinkers is kicking off a new business unit where we can leverage our Instagram skillset to build a community around your book! If you're interested in learning more, please send us a DM or an email!

Don't worry about sending us your book. By purchasing your book through our Amazon account, we can write "verified" reviews on your Amazon book page.

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Community Reach as of 3/25/2021



  • 750k Impressions /Week

  • 10-40k Impressions /Picture Post

  • 2-6k Views /Video Post

  • 2-4k Daily Story Views




  • 2.5k Subscribers

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BookThinkers helps authors generate social momentum. By posting about your book and getting tens of thousands of eyes on it, your opportunity to sell your book becomes stronger. We are always happy to collaborate with you on your social media strategy!

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