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BookThinkers has been working with authors and publishers for about 2 years now. Explore our promo options below.

Thank you for your interest in working with us!

Community Reach

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  • 1M weekly impressions

  • 2k to 4k daily story viewers

  • 20k to 50k impressions per picture post



  • 1.7k subscribers


For each piece of content we create, we will provide you a copy of the photo or video file so that you can re-share it with your audience.

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Promotional Packages

For all promotional packages, we will purchase a copy of your book through Amazon so that when we write a review, it will be considered "verified" by Amazon.

Unboxing Story and Picture Post - $250 USD

  • Unboxing Video Posted to BookThinkers IG Story

  • Unboxing Video Posted to Your Amazon Book Page

  • Picture Posted to BookThinkers IG (95k followers) as well as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

Picture Post and Video Review - $750 USD

  • Includes Everything from Package 1

  • Video Review Distributed to BookThinkers IG (95k followers) as well as YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

  • Video Review Posted to Your Amazon Book Page

  • Written Review Posted to Your Amazon Book Page

BookThinkers is developing an email list of personal development readers that we can notify of free & bargain books. To learn more about this offering and increase the downloads of your book, please let us know!

Interested in Promoting your Ebook?


  • How is payment handled?

    • All payment is handled through PayPal.

    • BookThinkers will issue a detailed invoice as soon as you choose to move forward with a package.

    • All payments are due prior to posting.

  • What does the timeline look like?

    • Unboxing videos are posted the Wednesday after we receive your book.

    • Author Highlight videos are posted within a few days of your video submission.

    • Picture Posts are posted within a week of your unboxing video.

    • Video reviews take 2-4 weeks from the time we do your unboxing video since it will take a while to read your book and provide a real review.

  • Will you read the book?

    • For unboxing videos, no. Nick will make sure to do some research so he can describe it though.

    • For picture posts, no. Nick will make sure the caption accurately reflects your book though.

    • For video reviews, partially. Nick will read some/all of the book and make sure he reviews it truthfully.

  • Will you notify your followers that this is a promotion?

    • Yes! Instagram requires that we notify everyone.

  • Where will I be shipping the book?

    • We are based in the USA.

    • Shipping location will depend on where Nick is (either Austin or Boston). Please ask.

  • What genres are accepted?

    • BookThinkers focuses primarily on non-fiction, business and personal development. We will absolutely make exceptions for books that we feel are a good fit for the audience so please ask if you're uncertain.

If you have more questions, please email us at

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