BookThinkers Branding


  • Do I have to cover shipping?

    • No! It is included in our pricing.


  • Where are you based?

    • Boston, MA - USA

  • How is payment handled?

    • All payment is handled through PayPal.

    • BookThinkers will issue a detailed invoice as soon as you choose to move forward with a package or you can pay directly through our website using the PayPal pay now options.

    • All payments are due prior to posting.

  • What does the timeline look like?

    • Picture Posts are posted within 4-6 weeks of your payment. Many will be delivered within 1-2 weeks.

    • Video reviews take 4-6 weeks from the time we do receive your book since it will take a while to read your book and provide a real review.

  • Will you read the book?

    • For video reviews, yes! A member of our team will read your book and thoroughly review it. We want to make sure we highlight some actionable insights and relate it to our personal experiences. The review will be real and authentic.

    • For picture posts only, no. This is more of an opportunity for you to provide us some language for the post or we can use the highlights from your Amazon description.

  • Will you notify your followers that this is a promotion?

    • Yes! Instagram requires that we notify everyone. In most cases, it will say "in paid partnership with XYZ" on the top of the post.​​​ 

  • What genres are accepted?

    • BookThinkers focuses primarily on non-fiction, business and personal development. We will absolutely make exceptions for books that we feel are a good fit for the audience so please ask if you're uncertain.

If you have more questions, please email us at