BookThinkers: Smart Retention

The Problem

Many people are reading amazing books but are often failing to remember their biggest takeaways.

Our survey data shows that over 94% of our reading community wishes they could retain and implement more from the books they read.

The Solution

Our technology gives you, the reader, a framework for learning.

Instead of reading a book one time and then putting it away, we extend your relationship with each book for years to come.

It is one location that consolidates your biggest takeaways from physical, digital and audiobooks.

You can now easily access that information whenever you see fit.

BookThinkers Smart Retention
How It Works

The platform introduces you to the principles of organization and spaced repetition.

Each time you finish a book, you can organize and label your notes right in the app.

If you're looking to automate the review process, you can turn on reminders.

Reminders reintroduce key information at specific time intervals to maximize your retention.

BookThinkers Smart Retention Reminders
Available Now

Spaced repetition is a technique used by the world's most effective learners to help facilitate the process of learning.

We are committed to helping you retain and implement more information from the books you love.

BookThinkers: Smart Retention is available today on both Android and iOS.


$5 /month or $45 /year

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BookThinkers Smart Retention