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Writing the book was just the beginning...

You poured weeks (who are we kidding, MONTHS or YEARS) into researching, writing, and editing your book. Now it’s finished! 

But the work doesn’t stop here...

You didn’t devote all that time and work just to say you wrote a book, you did it so that people would read your book and use it to improve their lives!

How do you get your book into the hand of your target reader?

Many authors get stuck here. They thought writing their book was the hard part, only to realize now that they have to SELL their book too.

Don't get trapped in the "I am not a salesperson" loop...

Let our team take the guesswork out of selling your book!

We’ve worked alongside hundreds of authors, from first time writers to veterans in the personal development space, and assisted with book promotion, community building, strategy, and more!